Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad launched the Swadeshi Microprocessor Challenge 2020 as a step towards the Prime Minister’s ambition of “Atmanirbhar Bharat”. Use the indigenous microprocessors SHAKTI from IIT Madras and VEGA from CDAC to build applications.

Check out the competition details here:

Moreover, all the information required by the participants about SHAKTI Processor is given here:

SHAKTI Processor:

SHAKTI is an open-source initiative by the Reconfigurable Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE) group at IIT-Madras. The aim of SHAKTI is to produce production grade processors, complete System on Chips (SoCs), development boards and SHAKTI-based software platform.

SHAKTI Processor Website:

However, all the required documents and user manuals are available here:

Then, check out our Official blog for all the latest developments and announcements on the Challenge.

Discussion forum:

Reach us at the discussion forum for any queries or errors. Moreover, please post the log/screenshot of your error for us to help you better.


Hardware Design:

SHAKTI has envisioned a family of processors which is free of any royalty and is open-sourced under BSD-3 license, catering to different segments of the market. For instance, The E and C-classes are the first set of indigenous processors aimed at Internet of Things (IoT), Embedded and Desktop markets.




Software development:

Shakti SDK provides all scripts, board support packages to build your application. In addition, SHAKTI-TOOLS provides the necessary tools.



Spiking: This folder contains the necessary files to compile and simulate an ASM program in spike environment.

llvm on SHAKTI:

Linux on SHAKTI:


Zephyr-RTOS on SHAKTI:

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